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Founded in 1976, Silverado Vineyards has been a family-owned premium wine company for four generations. The marketing team had originally brought us on board to refresh its marketing materials, but we quickly realized that after many years of continued growth and success, it was also time for the brand to refresh its look.

We produced a more contemporary look and feel for the company without deviating too far from the well-established brand identity, ensuring we were thoughtful about the family’s legacy. We used the brand’s existing photography to create artistic elements that tie to the family’s passion for the arts. Bold, minimal headlines showcase Silverado’s presence vs. relying on the logo alone. We also developed a second, more elevated style for the brand’s ultra luxury SOLO + GEO wines to separate out the tiers.

Today, almost all materials have been updated with the new branding, including: print + digital ads; brochures; wine club materials; sell sheets; tech sheets; presentations; and corporate collateral.

What we did

Concept Development


Creative Direction

Graphic Design

Photo Editing

Print Coordination



Sell Sheets

Company Collateral

Wine Club + Tasting Room

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